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When To Call a Private Ambulance Service

Emergencies can be very difficult to deal with especially when facing transport-related difficulties. Being in a busy and traffic congested city does not help the situation either. In a busy city the streets are always packed, there are people everywhere, and there are inevitable pedestrian commotions that make emergency conveyance even more challenging. During medical emergencies, most Americans' instinct would be to dial in 911 and wait for the state or the city's emergency medical services. However, as with private ambulance companies citizens are given another option, which is to avail of the luxury of having a private ambulance service during emergencies. But is this a wiser choice? What makes private ambulances in more convenient than the city's local medical services? Is it worth the extra penny?
Understanding How Ambulance Services Work
Before thinking about dialing that number in the private ambulance ad, it is imperative that you first understand how ambulance services work in general. When a person dials in 911, a police operator will forward the call to the local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) main office. Once it is identified as a medical emergency the medically-trained operators who are listening to the call will then evaluate the situation and route the call to a dispatcher who will then have to notify the nearest ambulance through a radio dispatch. The course may sound complicated at this point, but they can actually do this in a-few-seconds-speed. The vehicle will then be boarded with necessary equipment, as well as the required paramedics and specialists depending on the severity of the patient's condition. The patient will then be transported to an EMS-designated hospital where he or she will receive necessary medical attention. The goal of EMS at this point is to bring the patient to the nearest, most accessible hospital with the right facilities to accommodate the patient's needs. EMS officers consider factors such as traffic conditions in the city's main streets when conveying the patient from his or her home to the hospital. When it comes to private ambulance services however, the goal will be to bring a patient to his or her preferred medical facility. It will usually take EMS 10 minutes or less to bring a patient to the designated hospital. For a private ambulance however, it may take longer to take a patient to his or her preferred facility depending on the patient's location, the traffic condition along the main route, as well as the facility's location. At the end of the day the patient themselves make the calculation of where they want the private ambulance to transport them.
When it is Worth it
While EMS aims to provide immediate medical attention to patients, private ambulance services are actually designed to suit one's preference of hospital accommodation when the need comes. This does not actually apply best to emergencies. During an emergency, much like the paramedics that will help you, you would not want to run through any cause of delay getting to the hospital. The goal is to provide you with the necessary medical attention to alleviate your condition. City sponsored EMS services are trained to think on their feet and make a decision call to take you to the nearest hospital rather than your preferred one. If you want to call a private ambulance, you should probably only do so if you are sure you have enough time to arrive at the more comfortable and less stressful medical facility without jeopardizing your health.
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